About The Honey Belles Ladies Choir

The Honey Belles ladies choir started their musical journey in 2014 when our musical director, Kate Challinor-Moss (aka Queen Bee), along with 12 ladies from Chesterfield and North Derbyshire gathered together for the first rehearsal in a small room in the beautiful village of Ashover. Some years later 60 passionate ladies now meet, laugh, sing, cry and support each other at our bigger rehearsal venue in the heart of Chesterfield.

We’re a three part harmony choir – Altos, Mezzos and Sopranos, however we’ve dabbled with more harmony sections, thanks to our exciting appearance with Gareth Malone’s BBC ‘The Choir’ programme in 2016. We sing a variety of music genres including musicals, 80s classics and modern pop. We also have a very talented choir member who enables us to arrange music. This allows us to mash our favourite songs together to great effect.

Since forming we’ve moved up to big annual concerts, appeared on the BBC, collaborated with Brass Bands and other choirs sung live on radio, discovered some amazing solo talent within the choir and recorded our music to CD.

Our families are our biggest fans with our children knowing our music better than we do. So when an opportunity arose to bring some of children singing together, the ‘Mini Belles’ was born. Having all our Honey Belles on stage with up to 20 Mini Belles makes quite a sight and a great sound.

With each year being different, we continue to evolve through our flexible and varied approach. We’re always looking out for new collaborations, projects and opportunities. We thrive on challenge which keeps Honey Belles ladies choir fresh and sensational. Long may this continue!



Interested in becoming a member of the Honey Belles family?

Due to our ever increasing popularity there is an element of commitment required, and the induction process does involve an informal audition.

If successful, a monthly fee is payable in advance (non-refundable)

We perform without music too which means there is an expectation to practice and learn songs in order to be performance ready. Don’t worry though we have plenty of notice and hold sectional rehearsals to learn our parts! It really is great fun!

Although we don’t keep a formal waiting list, please contact us via email if you are interested in joining us. Whenever a vacancy arises in a particular section, we will be happy to contact you to see if you’re still interested.